Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup - why the surprises?

New Zealand draw with the mighty Italy. Switzerland beat Spain. England look second rate in their first two games and now there is talk of mutiny in the camp. The French team arguing and performing badly. Why the surprises?

A simple man I may be, but it seems quite obvious to me that these "super football powers" are dominated by
prima-donna's, whose egotistical belief that they have a right to play (and I use that term loosely) for their country, is the cause of the "poor results", or more correctly, the lack of.

Let's take nothing away from those "small" countries (in football terms) who have performed well. Apart from their obvious basic footballing skills, such as being able to control a ball, passing it to their own team mates and not to their opponents, they have passion and a desire to do their best for their country.

This is already becoming a memorable World Cup (one which I am watching with the sound turned off) for all of the above reasons and for some appalling refereeing decisions.

Having said that, how I wish players would get on with the game, stop blaming their coaches, the ball, the crowd, stop play acting, stop trying to get opponents booked by dubious falls (oh referee, he hurt me) and yes, stop cheating. When that whistle blows it is their responsibility. Not one player in the history of the game, from whatever team, from whatever country, has ever learnt this simple fact - that a Referee's decision, however good or bad, is almost never likely to be overturned.

Get on with, enjoy it, and follow the example of the likes of Slovenia, the USA, Algeria - play with some pride and passion!

And yes, I still think the USA can qualify from the group stage (and I really hope that England at least will recover some of their pride) and I still have high hopes of Spain being in the final.

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