Thursday, June 17, 2010

Self serve, self destruction

Self serve has been with us for some time I know, but it now seems to be manifesting in many areas. I refuse to use the term "self service" as to me, this seems an oxymoron. It's "do-it-yourself" - service doesn't come into it.

I've gradually got used to the self-scan registers in grocery stores. Even when I have a cart full, I can manage these without the help of the one associate who is given the task of supervising eight or so self-scan units.

The latest use of this technology is at our local library where self-check out is the order of the day. It's very easy to use and so much quicker so Durham County Library get a vote of thanks from me.

I had reason to drive down Highway 55 this afternoon. A 50 mph limit seems adequate, but I wish drivers who decide to pull onto the highway from various outlets would be better judges of speed of approaching traffic. Infuriating when there is no following traffic and that driver (very often with a cell phone glued to his/her ear) decides that they suddenly have a calling to become a kamikaze. Why do drivers risk their lives and the lives of others to gain a few seconds?

Stuart, who drives this road daily, says it's always like this. The miracle is that there are not more wrecks.

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