Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh, oh, oh, oh, what a referee!

You could be forgiven for thinking that this post is another part of my music series (the heading was also the title of a popular song in England in the 1950s), but I refer of course, to the World Cup.

I will not comment on England's performance(?), but even though the disallowed "goal" would probably have made no difference, the decision was a disgrace. One of many appalling decisions made during this competition in front of probably the biggest sporting audience ever. Yes, the referee did admit he had got it wrong, but his assistant was the prime suspect in my opinion. I don't blame them - they have an extremely hard job, have to make split decisions and are under tremendous pressure.

But, for the good of the sport, wake up FIFA - use the technology!

Looks like Argentina are living up to expectations, and all credit to them, but wasn't there some controversy in their win over Mexico? Isn't this is where we came in?

One more thought - I'll be shouting for Spain - just refer to my original post.

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