Sunday, March 29, 2009

Traveler's Rest

Last evening Gail and I attended our friend David Terry's exhibition of new work. Entitled "Traveler's Rest" it consisted of twenty-five new works.

David is a very talented artist. Traveler's Rest was exhibited on the tenth anniversary of his first show at the Craven Allen Gallery. During that ten years he has had many shows and his work has sold in many countries. He has, I venture to add, an even bigger talent than his art. It is the ability to embrace people into his life and more importantly, his heart.

Thank you David for being who you are. Our lives are enriched by being called "your English friends".

2 comments: said...

Oh..Mick?... I just came across your comment (I
'll admit that I was trolling to see if any snarky reviews of the show were yet appearing). In any case?....thanks for the compliment....but the same back at you (as we say in Amercia). You and Gail (sp?) are really lovely, sincerely open-hearted folks....and it's just a pleasure to have met and now know the two of you. Take a free compliment from a recently-made and your wife really do just have wonderful, genuine smiles. That may be the first thing I noticed when we were first introduced.

Now?....item #2?,,,,I need to borrow 15,756 dollars from someone Will you lend it to me? I can't, of course, pay any interest, and I have no particular assurance of even being able to return the principal anytime whatsoever. Still?....please write or telephone (919.416.0261) back immediately and say "yes! of course!!!!"
As sincerely as ever, The Rev. Dr. David Terry

NorfolkBoy said...

I presume that's needed to cover the wine bill from the party?
We love you David!