Saturday, March 14, 2009

More funny old weather

We were hoodwinked into thinking that spring, ney, summer had arrived at the beginning of this week. Three days with temperatures in the eighties. Gail, with her usual Yorkshire wisdom commented, "We will pay for this". I hate to admit it, but as usual, she was right. Friday brought a dramatic drop in temperature and rain. The 80s were 20 degrees above the normal temps for this time of year. Come Friday, it was 20 below normal.

I was so looking forward to the seasons first soccer game at Cary this evening, but as it will continue raining and temperatures are not set to get over 40, I'm not freezing my butt on aluminum bleaches shivering with a cold beer in my hand (okay, the cold beer is not obligatory I know) - my days of doing that whilst Secretary of Great Yarmouth Town FC are long gone. Call me a fair weather supporter, I don't care.

My daughter-in-law recently commented on her wonderful blog, Through Ellie's Eyes, about the state of local roads. I reported four of these craters (they are long past the definition of a pot-hole), to our city council several weeks back. Two of the four were repaired, eventually, but with such shoddy workmanship that the repairs are now crumbling yet again. What a waste of taxpayers' money. Whatever happened to "if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well"?

Driving through the persistent rainfall yesterday we noted that at least 20% of drivers were (a) either ignorant of State Law (if you use your wipers, you must use headlights); (b) knew of the law but were deliberately flouting it; or (c) are ignorant, period. We were even overtaken by a police cruiser without lights. I wish I had had the nerve to mention it to the officer concerned, politely of course. What makes drivers think that their car is so highly visible in pouring rain and gloomy conditions that they don't need to use their lights?

And to wind up this miscellany I have to report that my dessert-free Lent record is still unblemished. Tough going admittedly, especially when tempted by friends who take a delight in making the point that they have not made this promise. Even last Sunday, not a fast day, I only scoffed two chocolate-chip muffins. Watch this space!


Chris T. said...

I have been complaining to Sue about the headlights thing ever since the rainy season started a month or so ago! What gets me is that everyone has their lights on about 3 hours before sunset, shining them in my face at 4pm or so. But then no one turns them on when it's dark and grey outside and pouring down rain!

Sue's response is usually to say that NC drivers should have to retake driver's ed in IL. We were very well taught. ;-)

NorfolkBoy said...

I suppose we were also well taught in England Chris, as the English weather is dark, gloomy and wet, much more than it is here.

Gail and I had to take a driving test here, after holding English and Spanish licences for many (many) years, and were amazed at how laxed it is.