Sunday, March 8, 2009

Funny old weather

"Dew yer know, thas funny old weather". For those who must be wondering what on earth Mick is rambling about, I will explain. It's what a Norfolk (England) native speaker (very rare nowadays) would say about the current weather we are enjoying here in North Carolina.

Translation: "Do you know, it's strange weather". I'm using this bit of squit (Norfolk speak for "trivial information" or "nonsense"), to report on the amazing changes in weather this past week. Exactly a week ago we were having winter storm warnings. Indeed on Monday we woke up to between three and four inches of snow. Schools closed, many workers took "snow days" and kids had a great time playing their own versions of the winter Olympics. With a wind chill factor it was barely 12-14F (minus 10C). Today temperatures are in the mid eighties - 85F (30C) as I write this at 5.45pm and shorts and tees are the order of the day.

I'm convinced that wonderful North Carolina is the only place on God's earth where you can experience all four seasons in one week. The bonus for today is that we have an extra hour of daylight to enjoy it. Daylight saving came into effect at 2am this morning - a few weeks ahead of the change in Europe.

My weekly report on the success(?) of my Lent fasting is: "so far, so good". Being a dessertaholic, it's extremely hard for me (that's the point after all). Today is not a fast day, so I allowed myself just a couple of Annie's tasty muffins at Fellowship this morning. Then no more, so I'm relying on dear Maria to come up with the goods next Sunday to satisfy me for another week.

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