Sunday, March 29, 2009

SADD boy

I haven't posted during the past couple of weeks as I was afraid of being seen (as our Australian cousins would say) as a "whinging Pom". I refer, yet again, to the "English weather" we have experienced here in North Carolina for the past month.

As my very sensible daughter-in-law is in pains to point out to me, "We need the rain, we need the balance". Indeed we do and I suspect that we will be very thankful for the above average rainfall come September. I'm also reminded, that one of my criticisms of our life in southern Spain was the lack of seasons. As I mentioned before, in NC, it seems that sometimes we can experience four season in the same week!

It's not the rain I complain about. I love the rain and appreciate that rain is accompanied by gray days. What I don't like, and this was a contributory fact to us leaving England, are the gray, miserable (to me) days when it doesn't rain. To be fair there are not many of them, but it seems we have had more than our normal share this month. End of subject, I promise.

My Lenten fast of desserts and candy is progressing better than I expected. There have been many temptations, believe me, but I don't think I would have got through these four weeks if not for the feast days. I've surprised many people by explaining that Sundays are feast days (Lent is forty days, not forty-six), but even on a Sunday I usually only indulge minimally.

However, I have to report that I got caught out at, of all places, our weekly Lenten supper at church on Friday. Fred, my dear friend(!), who has been role playing as Satan during my fast (together with our beloved choir director), brought what I thought was a sweet potato casserole. Oh, I'll have some of that I thought - love sweet potatoes, only to find after a couple of mouthfuls, it was actually a dessert. Doh!

. . . . and Fred is a still a dear friend.

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Lyn F. said...

Oi Mick -

At least I didn't force-feed you Creme Eggs! I only tempted you "virtually" as opposed to "actually"! ;)