Monday, October 26, 2009

The Singer, not the song

As mention in the previous post, I regret not taking a "before" photograph. I shall, from now on, take a few for the records. These photos are after taking the actual machine out of the table and spending some time removing the grime, oil and dust accumulated over many years.

After brushing, I used Murphy's Oil Soap on the table and most of the wood. The drawers (not shown) and their runners looked to have been treated with some type of shellac many years ago. They cleaned up reasonably well so I decided not to strip this off.

The effects of the oil soap with copious amounts of "elbow grease" made a remarkable difference.

Although I'm currently concentrating on the table and the treadle mechanism, I did take some tentative steps on the cleaning and de-greasing of the actual machine. Using Formula 409 I gently cleaned the steel cover plates and then, even more gently, tried the main body taking extra care over the decals. I am pleased that these seem to be in good condition under the layers of grime, although more work on this is required after I finish off the woodwork.

My first research into the date of manufacture was incorrect. I have now discovered that serial number G8824661 was manufactured c1922. Still, it's getting on for 90 years old and is a credit to American manufacturing. After all, the Singer sewing machine was very likely the first " home appliance."

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