Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Singer, not the song - 2

I've had a busy couple of days, but have managed to nearly finish off the table of G8824661.

After completely drying, following the application of the oil soap, I used a liberal application of dark Old English Scratch Remover to do just that. Then, having given it time to soak in and cleaning off the surplus, it was down to using Howard's Restore-a-Finish Golden Oak. This is basically a mild stripper and I needed to repeat this before moving on to wiping any residue off.

Things were looking much better now, so it was time to apply the Howard's Orange Feed and Wax. I did this twice before reassembling the major cabinet parts. I will repeat this several times over the next few months to build up a good and lasting finish.

Following a thorough clean and greasing, the treadle mechanism is in great shape, so I'm now ready to tackle the crucial stage - the machine itself. After ninety years of accumulated grease, grime, lint and fluff to remove, moving parts to clean, re-lubricate and adjust, this will likely be a lengthy and fiddly job. It is the most important though - after all, Gail wanted a working machine, not just a piece of furniture.

You can click on the photographs to enlarge. Okay, I'm now off to the auto parts store. I'll let you know why in the next post.