Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History is made

It’s 3pm here in North Carolina and although after all the excitement unfolding before our eyes on TV last evening, we remain one of two states in which the presidential race hasn't been decided. The result is too close to call in this, the Tar Heel state (the other is Missouri).

Despite this Barack Obama piled up a 349 to 162 lead in electoral votes over John McCain. As 270 electoral votes are needed to win the presidency we do know that Barack Obama is our President Elect. North Carolina has 15 electoral votes and apparently it could be some time before they are decided, even though Senator McCain trails Obama by 11,000 votes (out of over million).

The Democrats had a clean sweep for other offices in the State Legislature, including the Governor . . . . . and the proposed Food Tax for our fair city was heavily defeated — good news (for now).

Meanwhile, our eleven-year old kitty, Nimbus 2000, pictured below, couldn't give a hoot - she's seen it all before!

Did you really expect to complete that jigsaw puzzle today? =^..^=

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