Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas is coming . . . .

On Thursday of last week we received our fist Christmas card. Admittedly it was from England, although why so early I have no idea. I'm sure this is the earliest ever. Unlike when living in Spain when we had a card delivered in April (just in time for Easter). No, that wasn't early, it was late!

On Friday we received our second! There was a good excuse for this as the senders, dear English friends, had posted the card in England en route to the ferry on the first part of their road trip to southern Spain where they, and their cat (who has her own passport), are spending three months in their beautiful home in Torreblanca. Experienced in Spanish life, they too, are aware of the failings of the Spanish postal service, so made sure that their card to us bore an English, rather than Spanish postmark!

Although we have, as yet, sent no cards, to England, Spain or anywhere else, we have sent the package of Christmas gifts to our Norfolk, England family. Our reasoning was threefold: we already had the gifts; it included an early December birthday gift; and we wanted to beat the bottleneck we know that the Royal Mail suffers pre-Christmas.

The US Postal Service, as usual, excelled themselves. Our daughter emailed us to let us know that the package had arrived in five days. Credit where credit is due.

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