Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fair Trade

Our weekly Bible Study group enjoyed a change of venue this week when on Tuesday we went on a “field trip” to the our local One World Market store. The object was to learn about the difference between fair trade and free trade.

Why should I, as a Christian, bother with fair trade products? Take coffee grown in a third world country as an example. Farmers very often barely survive and yet they are working to give a product (and large profits) to a huge company. The farmers remain poor because the companies do not pay them as they should.

Should we pay more for fair trade coffee? I intend to from now on and by doing so play my part in making sure those farmers get paid a fair price. Hopefully I can make a small difference in the world on behalf of the poor by purchasing coffee, chocolate and other items that have been made by companies who participate in fair trade.

A bonus is that One World Market, located on Ninth Street, Durham (not to be confused with World Market which is not a "fair trade" store as many people think) have a wonderful selection of chocolate and gifts.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Maggie at OWM for opening my eyes.

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Lulu said...

Thank goodness for Maggie and for you! We need more people who know about and support fair trade....spread the word! And welcome to NC! I was in your country for 5 months volunteering with the Fair Trade Foundation and the UK is FAR ahead of us in the fair trade movement. Let everyone know!! Kind regards, Lisa