Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Here's Hoping

Although I had every intention of posting yesterday, the gremlins got to my (not so) trusty Vaio laptop.  After several months of increasingly irritating problems, it refused to do anything on start-up despite all my efforts.

New laptop?  I hadn't budgeted for one in the 2012 family budget - big mistake!  With congressional debate (that's myself and Gail, not the Capitol Hill version), a decision was made (obviously not the DC version!) but one which had to dip into the "discretionary" fund.  Not another laptop, but a new desktop.  More bangs for our bucks.  A day of setting up, transferring files, software and the like and I'm ready to blog.

I'm not one for New Year resolutions, never have been.  If you want to change your life, January 1 is no guarantee that it's going to happen.  A good starting point yes, but so is any day.  In my view you have to change your life by, well, just getting on with it.  That's my  "bite the bullet" philosophy (after a board meeting with my CEO naturally - usually made during a bedtime discussion).

No resolutions, but like most, I do have hopes for 2012 however.  The most obvious is world peace - wishful thinking perhaps.  Another is that the world has a greater awareness, and the determination to act, on environmental issues.  An end to hunger - an achievable goal if only the first of my hopes is realized.  Perhaps the most unrealistic of my hopes is that those who pursue public office actually serve those they represent - that's you and me folks, not themselves or the corporate giants.

A word my previous CEO would not accept was "hopefully".  It just wasn't in his vocabulary.  He insisted on "certainly".  "Certainly" has to be worked at.  If only we could all (including world leaders) do that, we could perhaps have the "hope" that world peace could become a reality.

Love is a bigger word than war.  I can dream can't I?

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