Friday, September 11, 2009

An empty feeling

Uncle Stuart, Caitlin, Granddad and Nan (wearing the beautiful earrings Caitlin made for her)

Caitlin is now home in England. What an emotional day it was yesterday. No sooner had her 767 taken off and we were missing her. Those 26 days flew by nearly as fast as the aircraft taking her home.

She really is a great kid - yes, I know, all grandparents would say the same - but this 14-year-old really impressed everyone she met.

I think she has taken home a touch of The South. On asking what she would miss the most (hoping she was going to say, "why you and Nan of course"), she replied as quick as a flash "Bojangles Chicken Biscuits"! She had asked to have her last lunch here at the aforesaid Bojangles.

Caitlin enjoying her last taste of The South (for the time being)

Come back soon Caitlin (and Asha, Josie, Arwen, Sarah and Billy), we ALL miss you!

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