Sunday, September 6, 2009

DC reflections

Our weekend in Washington DC was great. It was everything we expected and much, much more. Two things struck me. Firstly was how "walkable" this city is; secondly was my impression that it is, generally, a friendly city.

The front desk staff at our hotel were exceptionally helpful and courteous; our sedan driver was remarkably cheerful at 6:30 a.m., the Union Station security guy who personally showed us where to get breakfast, the Gray Line office guy who talked me through Union Station to find our departure point, and the "Wonderful Wayne" our driver/tour guide with his even more wonderful West Indian accent.

I urge the many Americans who have never visited their nation's capital to do so. If, like me, you have any sense of history, a visit to the Capitol alone is worth the trip. A moving experience indeed.

We will be visiting again for sure. I feel as if I could spend a couple of weeks at the Smithsonian, alone.

After an exhausting schedule, I asked Caitlin, our 14-year old granddaughter what impressed her the most. The Museum of American History? the Capitol building? the White House? No, her answer was the National World War II Memorial. Is it not surprising that an English teenager should, in 2010, find this memorial to Americans who sacrificed their lives for freedom over sixty years ago moving? I think so and am even more proud of her than ever.

The Washington Monument, from the National WWII Memorial

Rosslyn, VA, by night

Gail and Mick at The Capitol

Caitlin, enjoying the view

Lincoln, takes a peak

What a wonderful building

Gail and Mick at the Reflecting Pool. The Lincoln Memorial in the background

Ford's Theater, where Abraham Lincoln was shot

Caitlin and Gail take a look at The White House

The National World War II Memorial

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Maggie said...

D.C. rocks! I'm so glad y'all had a good time there.