Thursday, July 23, 2009


As every parent knows, "why?" is a common word among young children. And so it should be as, in order to learn, we have to constantly ask questions. It can of course be frustrating when one has given an answer to the original "why?", to have that puzzled looking face ask, "but why?"

As older people (I have, unfortunately, have to include myself in that category) are sometimes described as going through their second childhood, I realize that I am also asking "why?' quite often nowadays.

Some examples:

1) why do organizations, especially academic ones, spend vast amounts of money on researching subjects which most people know the answer to and not those that can really improve the quality of life. Does it really take a research team at an English University several years and many thousands of pounds to come up with finding that cats can control a human by purring and "creeping" round their owners legs when they want to be fed? or that the reason there is an increase in child obesity is that they are eating too much junk food and sugar, are not exercising enough and spend too long in front of a computer screen?

2) why do normally sensible, caring, intelligent adults, immediately change into crazy, selfish, demons when sitting behind the steering wheel of their car?

3) why do the aforesaid adults, who are normally discreet when sharing confidences with real friends, turn into pseudo gossip columnists when making comments on Facebook, MySpace, blogs, etc., sharing their innermost secrets and desires with their virtual friends and indeed, the world? Oh! wait a minute, I do that too!

4) why is it not possible in this age, without living in the wilderness, the North or South Pole, or sailing around the world single-handed, to have some outer peace and stillness in one's life, even in one's own home? Inner peace is easier in any location I know.

5) why is it that very often, those who give advice are the worst recipients of it?

6) why is it not possible for me to ask these questions, without being accused of being a "grumpy old man"?

I could go on (an on).

Perhaps young children could give me the answers, before they are tainted with adulthood.


barbara said...

Hi Mick, was amused to see your comment on grumpy old men, this is coming from a, if not thee founder member of the grumpy old men's club. You and Gail look awesome, and I feel sooooooo old seeing Caitlin as the last time I saw her she was with her mum, sisters and Gail in market gates and she was just a wee lass. Ho Hum. xxxx

NorfolkBoy said...

Thanks for the comment Barbara. We're now off to DC for the weekend, somewhere we've always wanted to visit. I really don't know where the time goes to. It seems like only yesterday I was shivering in the east winds at the Wellesley.

Good to seem them doing well now. Hope Brian is okay - we often talk about you both.