Thursday, February 19, 2009

Signs of Spring

The ground was maybe a tad squelchy under our feet as we walked through the woods by the banks of the Eno River this morning. It may have be just a little cold and we still have to reach the milestone of more consistently milder days. But I could feel it all around - the awakening.

The weak, but persistent sunlight through the bare trees was encouraging the growing buds at branch tips, birds seemed to be more active. The crocus and daffodils are poking their sleepy heads through to the sunlight. There is definitely a stirring in Nature. Yes, Spring is on it's way.

I don't want to speak too soon, but we in Central North Carolina have had a good winter. Sure, there have been the odd night when it dipped well below freezing. There have been days of what I call "English weather" (dull, damp, miserable), we even had a sprinkling of snow, but overall we have had it good compared with many parts of the nation.

With the daily news menu of gloom and doom, it really does cheer one up to witness this annual awakening. Get out there are enjoy it - it's free!


Chris T. said...

Mick, I had no idea we were in the Piedmont! Shows my ignorance of NC geography and regions. For some reason, I identified it with the Triad only. Now that I've looked up North Carolina and Piedmont on Wikipedia, I am enlightened. :-)

NorfolkBoy said...

I also thought of it as the Triad area. Perhaps I should have described us as "Central". I Think I will change it.