Monday, May 16, 2011

More Tomatoes

An alternate title for "You say tomato, I say tomato".  I still have fun comparing American English (AmEng) with British (BrEng), so here are a few more (BrEng in italics):

Home improvement - DIY (Do It Yourself)
Anchor - Rawlplug
Dry wall - Stud wall (in AmEng, "studs" are to what the dry wall is attached)
Flip - House renovation
Outlet (electrical) - Socket
Trimmer (garden) - Strimmer
Wrench - Spanner 

Transportation - Transport
18-wheeler (or semi) - Juggernaut
Bus - Coach
Bus operator - Bus driver (operator is the company that owns the bus)
Cross walk - Zebra crossing (or Pelican crossing if controlled by lights)
Engineer (railroad) - Train driver
Intersection - Junction
Moving Van - Pantechnicon
Public Transit - Public transit 
Railroad - Railway
Switch (railroad) - Points (railway)
Streetcar or trolley  - Tram
Traffic circle - Roundabout

1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts - Early, late and night shifts
Flex time - Flexi time
Let go - Fired or sacked 

I have previously recommended one of my favorite blogs "Separated by a Common Language".The latest posting points out a wonderful English expression "I'm not being funny, but". Check it out, Lynnequist is wonderful at explaining these wonderful expressions and what the American equivalent is (or might be).

I'm not being funny, but I'm no expert as Lynnequist certainly is. Postings on this blog are merely my own observations and just for fun.

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