Friday, April 15, 2011

Feline family (2)

Introducing Nimbus, aka Nimby. After living here for two years we decided that the time was right to have another cat, a companion for Big H, and for us.

A privately funded and run cat shelter, "Cat Angels" was recommended and we checked them out. One bright Saturday morning we visited the "shelter". To say we were impressed with the set-up there would be an understatement.

Within seconds, literally, of sitting down a small brown tabby jumped on my lap, purring like a Detroit Diesel and immediately decided it was not going to let me get up to check out the other cats! Nimby had chosen us and already decided that we were to give her her forever home.

Nimby was eleven years old, was not in the best of health (although had been nursed and well cared for) and had been with CA for eleven months. No one, it seems, wants older cats. Well, we're seniors ourselves I reminded Gail.

After filling out questionnaires and being interviewed (we had previously been vetted), Debbie, the founder of Cat Angels, asked us to go away to discuss the pros and cons of adopting this particular kitty. We dutifully went off, had some lunch and talked about anything other than Nimby - our minds being already made up before ordering our meal!
After eleven months, Debbie and all the volunteers at Cat Angels, had formed an attachment to this purrfect little girl and there were quite a few tears as we took Nimby to discover her new forever home and meet her new friend Hartley.

Nimby was another "de-clawed" victim (Grrrrr!); in fact the job, presumably done when she was very young, was a botch-up. Her front right leg is deformed as a result and she still has twinges of pain from time to time.

However, she is a wonderful companion, extremely loving, so fussy with her food she only eats one brand of dried chow, keeps Hartley in line (who is twice her size), sleeps on Gail's side of the bed (but not before keeping my side warm if Gail goes to bed before me), loves sun puddles, hate thunder storms (Big H will sleep through anything), sitting on our laptops (only when we are trying to use them), helping Gail to sort out yarn and her cross-stitch floss and has just celebrated her 14th birthday.

Cat Angels are located in Cary, NC. Check them out if you can give a cat a forever home.

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