Thursday, March 3, 2011

In like a lamb

A feeling of satisfaction that February is at last gone. I'm not sure that March has "Come in like a lamb" though. It's been gorgeous weather, but slightly breezy.

Let me explain. The old saying of "March - in like a lamb, out like a lion', or the opposite "in like a lion, out like a lamb", is one of those familiar sayings I was brought up on. It means exactly what it says and is very often proven a correct forecast. I have used the term "breezy", as being brought up on the east coast of Norfolk, England (it's the bit that sticks out), I am used to real winds. Come to that, our time on the Costa del Sol was even windier (but not so cold)!

The couple of days in the eighties at the beginning of the week and a decent soaking have done wonders for bringing Spring seemingly closer.

Don't you just love Spring? A new awakening. With Lent just a few days away - yes, it is as late as it can be this year - the weather by Easter will, God willing, reflect the season of wonder and renewal.

Yes, I am glad to see the back of February. After a busy, sometimes hectic seven months, I eased off some of my church duties. I do feel refreshed, but am so glad to now be back in the thick of it. - I make no apologies for the plug.

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