Friday, January 21, 2011

January thoughts

Into the second half January already. It's been very cold here in North Carolina, probably our coldest winter so far.

January is not my least favorite month, but it comes a close second to February. I have recovered from a stinking cold and like most men made the most of it. Usually when I have the signs of a cold, Gail proclaims that it might be best for her to emigrate. "You've done that twice already," I tell her, so it counts as an idle threat.

Our street was always passable, but with extreme caution

It's hard to imagine that we have lived here for five years. Sometimes it seems just like yesterday when we finding our way round. There is so much of this wonderful state I still want to see. I really must make time to put my thoughts and words into action.

A second cousin of mine recently contacted me regarding our family tree. I hadn't been in contact with her for far too long and we finally got round to having a chat by phone. She was keen for me to see photographs she has stored on Facebook. Hmmm! A dilemma here - I recently made my views of "social networking" well know. Shall I rejoin or not?

Call me a hypocrite (I'm sure you will) but, after a considerable amount of thought, I have done just that. I'm still determined not to be involved with the banal gossip and to strictly limit my time on FB. I'm also determined to spend more time actually having real conversations.

With just ten days of January left, I look forward not in the least to February. There are only three good things to say about this month: (1) my mother and my eldest granddaughter were born in it; (2) we can see the signs of spring giving us hope; and (3) it's the shortest!

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ellie said...

funny, i really don't like january but i like february. 1. grammy's bday but most importantly, it kisses march and with march, there is hope. even in february, we start to see signs of spring. like today i drove by early blooms on a forsythia bush. once i see those, i know we will make it. i also like watching the buds. they grow ever so promisingly during february.
of course, i write this on a 70˚ day in february! let the hope rise and swell!