Thursday, November 11, 2010

Social networking

I wish to offend no one. If this post does that I apologize in advance. You have been warned.

What is the point of "social networking"? Last evening a friend and I were enjoying real social networking - that is talking to each over the phone. Not texting, twittering or facebooking, but actually talking and enjoying our real conversation.

To be fair, I know millions enjoy making their innermost thoughts known to the world and his/her dog, and good for them. I have tried it, thinking it would be a tool for keeping in touch with family and friends worldwide. When I first announced that I was to deactivate my account because of the time spent reading how others (not all) were using theirs, several said how sorry they were to lose me. Lose me? Hello? I'm not a complete dinosaur. I use e-mail, can actually still write with a pen, punch numbers on a phone and I have to assume, they can too?

If, because I deactivate one of these accounts, I am losing "friends", I feel there is something sadly wrong with the human race.

Am I being hypocritical? Of course. After all I do post to this, and enjoy reading a few of the many accessible blogs, so I have related personal views on others.

You do your social networking in your laptop, iPad or iPhone and I'll do mine by sharing a meal with friends, having them come over, enjoying an event with them and if distance makes that impossible, by calling them, wherever they are located, and actually talking with them. Of course that works two ways and I would love to share a hug and a meal with those of my family who live thousands of miles away.

Okay, I'm now donning the flak-jacket!

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