Monday, July 5, 2010

Phew! What a scorcher

This title has a tradition of being the headline of popular English newspapers if the summer temperature reaches 70°F! To be fair, dear old England have been having a share of eighties weather in recent weeks. Even Wimbledon escaped any rain-off's - that must be something of a record.

In March I was complaining (what me? complaining, never!) that we had had the coldest winter since leaving England (Weather and Critters). To quote:

"Whilst I usually enjoy the four seasons, temperatures here have generally been considerably lower than normal, and I'm now ready for warmer days. We have forecasts of a warm-up next week - 65 on Thursday. Bring it on! Bring on the 80s too! And when we are sitting on the porch during the 90s, yes, you've guessed it - I'll be moaning about the heat!"

Last month was, here in The Triangle, the hottest June on record - 22 days of 90°F-plus temperatures. We have had a cool down for a few days (mid 80s), but now we are hitting the high-90s again - in fact triple-digit temperatures are forecast for later this week - even in New York!

Am I moaning? No - just wilting!

Yesterday, July 4th, Independence Day. A cook-out and fireworks at Kate and Monty's. What a wonderful celebration, what wonderful food, what wonderful company.

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