Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday Fellowship

Following Evening Prayer on Fridays, Fred, Gail and I started going for supper and enjoying some end-of-the-working-week fellowship (although all three of us are retired).

The numbers gradually grew and even some who originally declined our invitations started to attend. It might mean a “cheap-and-cheerful” meal at a local cafeteria, an all-day breakfast at a diner, or a more substantial meal, but the common denominator is that it suits everyone and that it most often includes going back home for yet more fellowship.

Last evening was typical. It happened to be CP’s birthday and he had invited some friends to Evening Prayer thinking that afterwards perhaps we could go to IHOP for celebratory pancakes. Meanwhile CM had called me to suggest a pot-luck at their home. Long-story short – a quick change of plan and fifteen of us (that includes CM’s dog Sammie) enjoyed a great evening which included a hilarious ping-pong (mis)match between Gail and CP, heaps of laughter, loads of love, and great food.

Fellowship and hospitality are essentials of Christianity. I thank God I’m a Christian.

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