Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Singer finally sings

On Saturday, the Singer was tuning up. I had finished the re-assembly of this wonderful piece of American ingenuity. After a final oiling, the treadle belt was fitted and the moment of truth had dawned.

We had carefully move her (I cannot bring myself to call it "it") to "Gail's Room".

On Monday morning Gail was ready to re-learn the skills of her childhood. After some final adjustments and spooling shuttles, she (Gail) was ready. "It's like riding a bike", she said.

The look on Gail's face as she got back into the swing of treadling was worth every minute of the restoration. I like it too, as I can get easily irritated by the sound of modern appliances, including her electric sewing machine (I know, I know!), but the sound of this little beauty is like comparing the sound of a Rolls Royce to a clapped-out "cash-for-clunkers" wreck with a broken muffler.

The Singer is now in full song and at 88 years old is ready to give many more years service.

Now to find a suitable chair to restore. You can tell, no doubt, that I'm really into this. But first I must complete a neglected project, Gail's doll house, otherwise I'm sure I will feel the heat of female wrath.

I must acknowledge the invaluable help from Captain Dick (Dick Wrightman) of the excellent Treadle On.net and to my dear friend, Mike King of London, England, for his advice. Finally sincere thanks to our dear friend, Pauline Nease, who wanted the Singer to have a good home. Rest assured Pauline, it has.

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