Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crafty Love

I wrote some time ago about Gail’s passion for crafting. Mainly knitting, cross-stitching and the like, but recently quilting.

Of late, and especially since living here in the USA, another of her qualities has been increasingly noticeable. I’ve always known it (although probably not always appreciated it), but many of our friends have actually commented on it. What is this quality you are no doubt asking? To put it simply, which is always a difficult task for me, it’s the fact that she is Gail!

She has a wonderful way of always being cheerful; she is usually very tolerant; she is extremely generous with her time and love; she genuinely loves helping people; she isn’t one to open her mouth before giving what she is about to say a lot of thought; she has never shown envy of anybody or anything. The list is endless. Is she a saint? Of course not, (although she ought to be canonized for putting up with me for near on forty years).

The point I’m trying to make is that, although life has not always been kind to her, she has always been kind to life. Whether it’s visiting housebound friends, running to the grocery store for them, taking people to hospital appointments or cooking a meal for the homeless guys who visit our church property, she has always had faith, even when I had lost mine.

Getting back to the crafting. My reason for writing this is that not only did she agree to knit three prayer shawls for a lady she had only briefly met once, but feels that her hands need to deliver them, not via the US Mail or FedEx. On Monday we will be travelling to Georgetown, South Carolina to ensure that her labors are delivered with love. It’s a nine hour return trip.

Am I proud of her? Do I love her dearly? You bet your life I do and I’m not ashamed to tell y’all!


Maggie said...

Lovely tribute to your wonderful wife!

ellie said...

How wonderful! And true. Mumsy has a way that is uniquely hers.
Sainthood might be warranted putting up with you, Dadsy.
This makes me think about the FB comment you made about reality and dreams. Mumsy chooses her own reality. Yes, she has to deal with the situations that arise but she chooses to respond in the way that she in alignment with who she is and that is someone who places so little judgment on things and chooses to see the positive.
Really nice tribute to Mumsy!
love you both...