Saturday, May 9, 2009

TW3 (That Was The Week That Was)

I haven't posted for some time. I sometimes wake up in the early hours and whilst laying in semi-consciousness I think of excellent topics on which to post. Of course, by the time I get up, have been for our daily pre-breakfast walk, had said breakfast, done chores (okay, the latter doesn't take that long) and switched on the lap-top I've forgotten all the ideas I had for writing.

It was my birthday on Wednesday, a monumental one for me, reaching the age of 65, the normal retiring age in England. I retired from a very stressful job nine years early, following a minor, but nevertheless frightening, heart attack. A sign to ease off on the stress. Praise the Lord I took it seriously and did just that. I still have days (fortunately very few) when my body tells me all is not well. I know the signs and react by "shutting down". This happened on the day before my birthday. I had planned so much for the day, a pot-luck lunch with Ninth Street Neighbors, a one-to-one meeting with our vicar, bible-study in the evening, but after stubbornly going grocery shopping I knew I had to cancel these events and "shut-down". As usual, it worked and by the anniversary of my birth I was all but back to normal.

It wasn't exactly an exciting day, but I did manage some long telephone conversations with family and friends in England, catching up with the latest news from there and Spain (two friends had just returned from seven weeks there).

My former local soccer (football) team, Norwich City, has just been relegated to the third tier of English League Football, the minor league club I supported and helped run for quite a few years, Great Yarmouth Town, just missed out on promotion, whilst the team I follow in Spain, Málaga CF, look as though they will miss out on a UEFA place. Still the soccer season is underway here and I look forward to attending some Carolina RailHawks home games.

And, after some tornado warnings earlier in the week we at last seem to have some signs of summer - just 90F (32C) today so room for higher temperatures yet, hence the pre-breakfast walks and mowing the grass before noon!

Just where the week went to? I have no idea.


Maggie said...

Happy belated birthday, Mick!

ellie said...

Ah the wisdom that comes in the wee hours of the morning, only to evaporate like morning mist. I know it too well!
Post more often. I like reading your thoughts! Love you!