Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crafty business

Yesterday, after our regular visit to the public library, Gail and I visited one of her favorite craft stores, A.C. Moore. I have to admit that even though I always leave there with a lighter wallet, I do enjoy browsing this great store. I enjoy even more watching Gail's face as she discovers another skein of yarn, a new color of DLC floss, or a new design of scrap booking paper. Talk about a child in a toy store.

We decided to go there just to buy a frame and mat to mount her latest cross-stitch project, a souvenir from last year's visit to Williamsburg, VA. Of course, we didn't get away with just these two items. I should have realized that as she picked up a cart at the entrance! A beautiful artificial flower display, another scented candle and two more Beanie Baby bears to add to her collection soon joined the frame in the cart!

Her dedication to her crafts is a blessing. One evening, not long after we arrived here, we were relaxing in front of the TV. I was very conscious that there was something wrong. It took a few minutes to sink in and then I realized what it was - Gail wasn't knitting! "What's the matter, don't you feel well?" "I haven't any wool left", she replied (we still called yarn wool back then). Of course, we had to remedy that situation the following morning and now she always has an enormous stock of yarn available.

Her prayer shawls have brought comfort to so many people - some we know, many she has never met. However, although knitting countless shawls, it wasn't until she was sick a month back that our dear friend Courtney (who had been a recipient of a shawl) asked me how Gail was feeling. I replied that she was still poorly, getting better, but still wasn't knitting (which was a worry to me) and we both suddenly realized that Gail had no prayer shawl of her own. Courtney had soon bought Gail some yarn, the shawl was knitted within a few days and was blessed by our vicar at church on Easter Sunday. A very moving and touching moment for Gail, Courtney and me. Afterwards, at fellowship hour, she received requests for another three shawls!

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