Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dress sense

A chance remark had be thinking on our "separated by a common language" theme again. I was talking about shoes and mentioned that so many people of all ages nowadays wear trainers. What are trainers?
Okay, let's have another session on American English and [British English]:
Sneakers or tennis shoes [trainers]
Pants [trousers]
Vest [waistcoat]
Tee-shirt [vest] as in underwear
Windbreaker [windcheater]
Suspenders [braces]
Cuffs [turn-ups]
Slicker [anorak]
Coverall [boiler suit]
Tuxedo [dinner suit]
Robe [dressing gown]
Sweater [jersey, jumper, sweater]
Panties [briefs, knickers]
Turtle neck [polo neck]
Panty-hose [tights]
Galoshes [wellington boots, wellies]
Purse [handbag]
Pocket book [purse]
and finally, a more delicate one:
Fanny pack [bum bag]

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Opus Imperfectum said...

Good to know, Sir Mick :) Will keep that in mind for future forays into Americanisms or Briticisms.